Press release

Medistri SA’s Earthwork & Construction Begins

(Download: Medistri SA's Earthwork & Construction Begins in PDF by Medistri)

Medistri, a leading provider of contract sterilization & laboratory services for healthcare companies, is excited to announce the expansion of its plant in Switzerland.

On 29 of November, Medistri has been granted its building permit for the construction of an extension and realization of new facilities. This expansion will allow Medistri SA to develop and increase its production at its headquarters in Domdidier, Switzerland. The cost for development of this new extension will amount to approximately CHF 8'000'000.

The construction is set to begin in mid march of 2023. Thanks to this new extension, Medistri intends to increase its team by 20% over the course of the next years.

"This expansion will allow us to further fulfils our clients growth forecasts." said Medistri's Deputy Manager Mr. Yacine Gérard. "This investment will bring more focused expertise to Medistri, and that's a great benefit for our customers and our community."

Medistri is the largest independent sterilisation company in Europe and its mission is to facilitate innovaton in the global health sector. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has continued to grow into one of the leading providers of contract sterilization & laboratory services for healthcare companies. Medistri has grown to become a dependable partner for businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, and biotechnology sectors.

The new facilities will be located at Medistri's headquarters in Domdidier. For more information, please visit or contact