Press release

Medistri SA Certified with ISO 14001

(Download: Medistri SA Certified with ISO 14001 in PDF by Medistri)

Medistri, a leading provider of contract sterilization & laboratory services for healthcare companies, is excited to announce the certification of the company with ISO 14001, the first sterilization plant with this certificate.

On the 18th of January 2024, Medistri accreditation application has been accepted. The reports and certificates issued under an accreditation and which are also recognized abroad within the framework of international agreements support our commitment to the environmental impact of your activities and our environmental policy.

"We are thrilled to receive this accreditation from EdelCert.” said Medistri’s Technical Service Engineer Mr. Jonathan Chion. “This demonstrates our commitment to the environment and with the next generations. This accreditation reflects Medistri's hard work and dedication, always striving to meet the highest standards in order to satisfy our customers' requirements. This investment was made for the benefit of our customers in the MedTech and Pharmaceutical Industry - and will create more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains and products."

Medistri is the largest independent sterilisation company in Europe and its mission is to facilitate innovaton in the global health sector. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has continued to grow into one of the leading providers of contract sterilization & laboratory services for healthcare companies. Medistri has grown to become a dependable partner for businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, and biotechnology sectors.

Medistri's headquarters are located in Domdidier, Switzerland. For more information, please visit or contact