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EO Sterilisation for Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical delivery and international requirements have evolved to better global patient health. Medistri understands that enhancing the aseptic manufacture sterility assurance level (SAL) of pharmaceuticals without affecting drug efficacy is a critical requirement of terminal sterilisation.

  • Pharmaceutical Vials
  • External sterilization of pre-filled syringes, or cartridges
  • Sterilization of bulk APIs
  • Sterilization of drug-device products
  • DNA removal

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Contact our team to visit our facilities and discover our advanced technology, dosimetry methods, and processing capabilities that make it possible for the world's most innovative pharmaceutical companies to ensure the safety and stability of your pharmaceutical and biologic products at scale, by using Medistri's pharmaceutical EO Sterilisation technology. 

EO Sterilisation for Medical Devices

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